Painting in Cambridge, MA




Artist & Craftsman Supply
Good prices, good selection. Has Architecture supplies.
Artist and Craftman Supply specializes mostly in fine arts materials for painting, drawing, etc. But they also have a limited supply of crafts materials. Anyways, the most important thing is that they carry supplies that Architecture…

Artist & Craftsman Supply
Artist & Craftsman Supply
I went into this store looking for craft supplies but found it is mostly for artists. But they do have a great selection of items that I found pretty interesting. Located at Central Square, you walk down this psychedilic stair case. It…

Pills Hardware
The "good" hardware store
Did you just go to the hardware store and find they didn't have what you needed? Get thee to Pills. They have a huge selection of hardware, chain and most important to me, gaffer's tape - real gaffer's tape not duct tape. This place is…